As an artist, you will be naturally thrilled to know what is happening in your field that will decide the course music industry will take henceforth. Here we see the tech boons music creators get to enjoy in 2018.


Expanded as Radio Frequency Identification Device, you might have come across this device if you had visited a mega event or festival recently. RFID wristband technology is now popularized by tech companies like Intellitix. This technology ends paper currency and also helps the event managers gather a vast amount of information on the activities, choices, and preferences of the customers. This information can be used to decide the pricing, site planning, booking and other aspects connected to event management. This can, in fact, change the way events are produced henceforth.

Artificial Intelligence

Amidst the growing concerns that all music is monotonous and creators are not able to invent something new and different, now a line of AI-based apps are saying their platforms can write music that cannot be distinguished from the ones written by humans. The AI technology debuting in the field of music is also configured to respond to the user’s choices with regard to mood, length of the piece and genre and produce licensed music within seconds.


Apps based on Blockchain have come to remedy the inefficiencies noted in the music industry today ranging from distribution channels to rights management tools and fundraising platforms. The Blockchain approach has now ruled out the route of depending on any intermediaries in the music industry. Now the creators can connect with their fans in activities like production, fundraising, and distribution.

By Patrick Hill on May 17, 2018.