If you are selling your music online, whether you know it or not, you are using the ISRC code.


But if you are not much aware of the music biz industry, you may want to know more about it. In this article, we will explain what’s this code and what’s the need for this code for online music selling.

What’s an ISRC code?

Just like all published books have an ISBN number, all music recordings and music video recordings have a unique identification number called International Standard Recording Code. Because it is a unique number assigned to every song and music video, it can be helpful in tracking sales and streams worldwide.

However, you must note that ISRC is different from the barcode because ISRC is given to an individual song while the barcode is given to the whole package.

The format of the ISRC code is also unique. However, you can understand it from the following example:


US — country code (GB for Great Britain, AU for Australia etc.)

ABC — a unique letter assigned to the record label

18 — year

12345 — is a unique number assigned by the label itself

The need for an ISRC code

If you are selling your music online, the ISRC code is indispensable and you can’t have any song without this code because the sales will not be tracked otherwise. So, if it is important to have an ISRC code for all your songs before you try uploading them on a streaming service platform. However, you can get the code for your songs only if it is registered with a PPL/Charts company. So, if you don’t have done this, you might think of doing it.

There is no extra payment to be done if you want to avail this code for your songs, but you will need to check for the PPL or a charts company to release your songs so that you could avail these codes.

By Patrick Hill on March 18, 2018.