While touring can be a matter of big concern for budding musicians, as it takes time, hard work and money, a well-planned trip abroad can bring you great prospects.


When you are preparing for the adventure, here are the tips that will get you the best out of your mission.

Accompany a popular artist

It can be a great experience touring with an artist who is already popular abroad. This will make your planning much easier as well as let you see all the playing venues already booked for you. Explore online for any new band opportunities and create professional relationships with other musicians. Your big opportunity can come from anywhere.

Pre-plan the itinerary

Ensure every member of the band has current passports and necessary visas. Take the most economical route to save the dollars you spend on your trip. Smooth loops of itinerary rather than zigzagging across countries help you save time and expenses. Bus, or van or rail, getting a mode of transportation for you that works best is a smart idea. Plan your budget well for accommodation, food, and drinks. Plan for the stops and stays.

Pre-book the events

When you look forward to finding some gigs in new places, study the locality online and find some promoters, other bands, and venues to find out if there are any slots open for you. Make the best use of social media to discover if they need any support acts. Promote the best-selling points of your band to grab your chance.

Do not overlook venues outside cities

Grabbing a gig at a less popular destination is easier than fighting for on in the busy capital. Most locals might get excited to see a new band playing in a less crowded region. At the same time, you must find out if there is a genuine music scene in the places you are choosing to perform.

Make creative use of the social media

Create some promotional graphics to publish on social media channels and also make some event pages for every individual event. Invite people from those areas. Research on some bands and music venues in the region and find out who is liking their events and posts. This will help develop a fan base before you land there.

By Patrick Hill on March 28, 2018.