Selling music independently is never easy — in the age of digital downloads, there is always a chance of getting lost in the milieu of too many artists on the platforms.

There is a chance that somebody is allowing your music to be downloaded for free, without your consent, and without any payment given to you, whatsoever. Financial survival is always a question that remains to be answered. There is a strategic way to make it happen when it comes to creating and selling music online or through the digital platforms, or generally in any form.


We talked to Shambhu (Neil) Vineberg, an award-winning guitarist from the US, and also a marketing and communications specialist, about how he does it. Here’s what he has to say:

“Selling music is simple. Produce an album that sounds so amazing that the marketplace takes notice. Authentic, excellent musicianship, production, performance, and marketing. Then, do everything you possibly can to promote it. And then just keep going.

For that to happen, you also need to produce work that meets the marketplace somewhere.
If you are selling quiet music to people who love noise, only a few will buy it. If you sell New Age to people who like soft music, then you have a chance of hitting a sweet spot. So, finding your audience is critical.

If you’re authentically delivering your music, you have got a great sound, and you’re often playing, and you find a small audience, you’ll eventually build a following that may get the attention of a label, and you might have a shot.

Always work with a professional manager, public relations advisor, radio promoter, etc. Work with your new fan base because they will become part of your team — especially if they have skills you need, which includes video production, website development, social media marketing, working with promoters and venues — you name it.

Radio is essential. In the U.S., getting on a satellite radio can deliver large exposures because the audiences are targeted at niche styles like New Age.”

Well, this pretty much sums up almost everything that you need to do to become a successful and famous Indie artist. We hope you will gain valuable insight from the suggestions made by Shambhu.

By Patrick Hill on January 2, 2018.