Often artists are prepared to settle with a sense of perfect acceptance reconciling with the scanty amount they are getting from their music. This is because they tend to under-value their own music and are not exploring the right ways to make enough money from their accomplishments.

The way to success starts from working with your attitude, approach and outlook. This can set the right phase to work forward to catch up with the smart strategies to succeed. Here we discuss the dos and don’ts for a musician aspiring to succeed.

What you must not do

∙ Stop thinking that exhaustion and disappointment are but part of the game.

∙ Never think that music is a career where people either succeed or fail. There is always a middle line where most musicians fall in.

∙ Do not settle with mediocre goals. They let you fail and stay at the baseline all the time.

∙ Never think those achievers have dropped from heaven. They are not super-heroes endowed with some special gifts. They have made their way forward the hard or smart way and you must be confident that you can make success one day for sure.

What you must do

∙ Believe that the stories you tell yourself work on your sub-conscious mind, change your beliefs and make or mar your progress. Hence do not associate the ‘famous’ artists with the ‘successful ones.

∙ Create your own opportunities to thrive in today’s competitive environment.

∙ Be prepared to negotiate for higher pays and stop doing free gigs.

∙ Stop working with people who tend to under-value you or exploit you.

∙ If you feel you are exploited, stop playing for them and find a different gig. You can, in fact, create your own new gig.

Don’t think that success is the exclusive realms of one-in-a-million odd one out there. Never give power to the damaging ideas that cripple you and prepare you to settle with the baseline. When you are prepared to surge forward, the sky is your limit and hence align yourself with progressive thinking that can eventually set you free and successful.

By Patrick Hill on May 31, 2018.