Most artists and bands focus more on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Nevertheless, LinkedIn can indeed prove to be the best place to reach your fans due to the plethora of possibilities it offers that are relevant to you.


Here are a few tips for budding musicians to make the best use of LinkedIn to achieve their long-term career growth.

Discover industry connections

LinkedIn facilitates plenty of professional connections from all industry domains. Connect with a variety of professionals who can support your efforts in different ways, transform your image, enhance your tracks and widen your reach. Get in touch with graphic designers, web developers, social media gurus, photographers, sound technicians, producers, and promoters.

Join the groups in your industry

Once you are active on LinkedIn, join the groups relevant to your industry as these people can make a difference in your career. While it is natural for you to look forward to joining other musician groups, it makes sense to see beyond to connect with the groups of promoters, event hosts, managers and music supervisors who can prove to be of immense help to build productive relationships.

Maintain the connections professionally

Once you have invited some potential contacts and they have accepted you, you have a handy way to reach them out. While email addresses and phone numbers can be outdated at times, LinkedIn connections stay fresh forever. Never forget that the connections you make on LinkedIn must always be professional. Use it not for building your fans base, but only to develop mutually beneficial professional relationships.

Make your profile look professional

Your LinkedIn profile is the first thing that your contacts see to learn about you. Keep your profile page up-to-date maintained to its fullest potentials. Since the LinkedIn platform is for professionals, use a real photo instead of your band logo or a shot of your performance. Fill up the page with your real musical achievements.

By Patrick Hill on January 29, 2018.