Google Knowledge Graph or Panel is the information that an artist could get in front of the fans when they search about the artists on Google — it may include photos, biography, tour information, songs, albums, social media profiles, and more similar items. Obviously, it feels like a personal space and is a great tool to present all the relevant information for the new fans, and obviously for the existing ones.


How do you actually get a Google Knowledge Graph?
Unfortunately, there is no short-cut or strategic way to avail this feature. To be precise, it is up to Google why and when they give you this feature, but yes, there are few things to make yourself ready and prepared.

Create a Google account.
Create a Google Brand account which tells Google that you exist as a musician or a brand. Make sure this account has all the information about you including your music, your websites and your social media profiles.

Register your website in the Google Search Console by associating it with your Brand account.
There is no harm in getting your music on Google Play too.

Don’t forget to publish a Wikipedia page about you and your music. Google uses information from this page while creating the knowledge graph.

Always optimize your images because images carry a lot of data that Google reads. Give the alt tags to all the pictures that you upload online.

To get Google Knowledge Graph, you need to be quite popular, and there should be some buzz about you in the online world, but even as an independent artist, you could get it if you keep working on optimizing your profiles and information according to Google’s requirements.

Though the above steps don’t guarantee that you will get a Google Knowledge Graph, it does not hurt to be optimized so that Google could take the required data and display it for the users.

By Patrick Hill on February 9, 2018.