Technology is advancing so fast and the digital world is rapidly growing to envelope the entire humanity into one single room. Hence the most appropriate way to sell your music is to do it online through collective music vendors.


When you look forward to sell your music online you do not need to go through contracts and record labels. Here are some ways to sell your music online independently.

Pay attention to audio quality

If you are selling music for the first time, ensure the debut music of superior quality. Try playing the music in places where your fans are most likely to listen to them such as car stereo, computer and mp3 player. Upload your music in WAV or FLAC formats to drive more quality into playing. Pay attention to the details of your music like meta data, titles, album and artist information. These are necessary for the people to recognize your works.

Get a good art work done

Album art is a very important part of your work and branding. It will make your listeners identify your work in a unique way. The present store standards need the art works to be in 3000 X 3000 pixels of 300dpi/ppi resolution. Over and above, the art work grabs the attention of the viewers and makes your work look great.

Approach the logistics in the right way

It is necessary to copyright your work. Set up a release date and check the copyrights on the covers. There are some special processes for copyrighting and licensing your music. You must take enough care to consider these aspects before releasing the music to the larger public. This is because, some music getting popular can be ripped off. It is on the other hand difficult to fix a violated copy. The owner’s permission is needed even to make money off song covers. Choose a date and where you will be releasing the work and it is all set to sell your music online.

By Patrick Hill on April 1, 2018.