A lot of musicians especially who are not born and young enough to be called digitally conversant are feeling the heat when it comes to sustaining their livelihood by streaming their music and increasing the chances of digital downloads.


What can they do — well, it is always good to be patient and keep learning. At the same time, there are few tips that can instantly help them overcome the overwhelming experience of making their music (often great) accessible to the new generation that listens to the music on the go — on their smartphones, mostly!

The tips

  • Keep creating great music! If you are not doing it, whatever you do, it will not bear fruits.
  • As you make your music available online, tag the music properly; use the right keywords; provide a solid description of the music, and always use great and attractive artwork to accompany it. Industry experts stress the point of having great thumbnails for your music because it prompts a lot of listeners to click on your songs.
  • Radio is a great way of reaching out to more people who are not online to listen to your music. This way, your music gets a wider reach.
  • Connect with your fans as much as you can. Empower them by including their updates, preferences, music streams on your channels (if possible and relevant) and make them a part of your extended team.
  • Always rely on shows whether off-line or online shows etc. through Facebook Live etc. They are a great way to actually show the fans what you got. In fact, off-line shows present a rare opportunity where your fans could actually get to know you personally.

In the end, the point is that you need be focused on your art and do the right things though less is quantity — instead of trying to do everything and launch your profiles on every social media channels etc., do fewer things but do them properly.

By Patrick Hill on April 17, 2018.