Unlimited Uploads

As a true indie platform, we want your entire catalog: albums, singles, mix-tapes. Upload it all in one place. Then you can set your music to be downloadable, or even stream only. It's entirely in your hands free of fees.

Pay Per Play

We will pay two pennies for every true play. No need to calculate how many streams add up to an album sale. We pay when its played. Period. We give you the flexibility to distribute your music for free or charge a set price.

Share and Go Anywhere

Grow your fan base by giving access all of your music. Your Music is on Web, on your phone, and everywhere you want to be. No more CDs! Share your music instantly via embed codes, links and even via text messages (SMS) on the mobile app.



Sound Cloud*
(ad revenue sharing model)*


(tuncore, distrokid)




(ad revenue sharing model)*

Disctopia vs. Everybody

We pay the highest per stream, and never take a commission from direct purchases (downloaded copies) Streams and downloads can stack up if you allow artists to be truly free. Disctopia also allows collaboration pay, meaning you can automatically split payments between band members, producers, writers, and even managers.

*Streams only / **Downloads only

Sample estimated payout for 1,000 streams & 10 downloads at 9.99 per album based on average artist with basic plans

Whether you are a garage band, an existing independent label, or even a traveling musical, your creative content is key. We will help you cut the middle man and let your content reach its full potential.

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