If you wish to multiply the cash in your band, doing merchandise the right way is the key. Take advantage of the profit and loss spreadsheet. This will throw light on your margins. Give room to reward the time and effort to sell.


Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash

While trying to make a reasonable profit, often you can break-even or sustain a manageable loss if it helps develop your customer base and make you popular. Customize the products and campaign to suit the target audience by finding out what they need and love. If you sell merchandise, make it easy for your buyers to locate what you have got on sale.

Here are excellent band merchandise ideas that can sell for top dollars.
T-shirts are highly sought after merchandise items online. You can either screen print them in large quantities or offer them on on-demand digital printing customizing the print for every customer.

While selling music CDs, think of going for cardboard sleeves to save space. The better approach is to add a download code to sell music online as this works best with those who do not have a CD player. If you are using Disctopia, you can print the link for your Disctopia track on a mug and supply them to the audiophiles. They love it this way.

It is useful to autography the products that you can. This can help personalize your products. Crafting is highly popular today. Procure some white t-shirts, fabric inks, and sequins to craft them or adore the screen printed t-shirts as per your fancy to sell big.

Display your exceptional skills when the customers wait for you and make some additional money this way. Caricature and origami sell a lot today. Developing good public relations is always good. Bring your customers what they want. Make something unique to get popular.

Print key rings, plates, towels, marshmallows and calendars in attractive ways and promote them. Think of giving some private performances for your biggest fans to make them happy.

The life of merchandise stretches far beyond the sale you make. If there is a chance for other people to see them and talk about them, it is even worth giving your merchandise away for free to make you popular.

By Patrick Hill on February 19, 2018.