Before releasing your music as an independent artist, there are a plethora of things that you need to handle. Admittedly, this could become an overwhelming experience if you are not able to keep track of the things that you want to do and the things that you have already done.


To make things easier here is an essential and significant checklist of questions that you can keep handy to make sure your Indie release is successful and worthwhile:

Do you have a website? Websites are indispensable. Make sure you have your contact and social media details on the site.

Does the artwork of your CD have an interesting background story or context — this is helpful in making the media interested in your release.
Try releasing alternate mixes of your music which does not have vocals or a separate blend of background music so that it can be used for licensing and karaoke.

Try inserting QR codes and shortlinks in your CD cover so that there is a proper data collection and marketing intelligence gathered from the sales of the music.

Consider releasing multiple singles and then build your audience for the full album over a period. This can generate a tremendous curiosity if your music is good.

Have you built up a momentum of anticipation for the release of your album before the actual launch? Usually, a period of six months before the release of the CD is considered optimal for promotion.

Are you coming up with some exciting gifts for pre-orders?Make sure you make the audience feel special who pre-ordered your music.
Try releasing the sheet music as well for paid digital download alongside the release.

Similarly, there are many more exciting tips that you can get if you have some budget to hire a marketing manager for your music. Plan well and execute the strategy carefully.

By Patrick Hill on January 12, 2018.