As an upcoming artist, who is looking to increase the fan-base and is trying to get the music in front of as many people as possible, it is often a struggle and takes a mixture of strategies when it comes to selling music online through digital downloads.


Though the digital age has provided many sit-at-home-and-do tactics and tasks that can be achieved at a relatively low-budget, touring, doing gigs, and having actual concerts can never be discounted when it comes to building the real fans and connecting with them for almost decades. Touring does help in building a brand name and therefore impact the digital downloads of your music.

Yet, touring internationally takes money — it is a high-budget adventure and there better be concrete plans and shows planned so that you could maximum exposure and benefit from such tours.

Here are some tips that could come handy on such trips:

  • Some of the upcoming artists prefer to tour with another already-established artist accompanying them to cut the costs.
  • Planning the route, accommodations, fees, and other charges are also needed because as an Indie artist you do not have the luxury to overspend or spending carelessly on lavish hotels and luxury stays.
  • Shows, concerts, gigs and even venues should be planned to that you could make maximum impact at a low budget. You can carry your merchandise because that will help in building the connect and at the same time also bring in some hard-cash.
  • Do not forget to promote and market your tour on social media through online channels. Make sure people know that you are coming at a certain place. Many fans like to travel with a particular artist or group so that they could attend multiple concerts.
  • One last advice would be to stay fit and healthy. Touring often takes a lot of toll on the body because of irregular sleep patterns and diet changes, but you have to make sure that you are not getting into any physical trouble to avoid canceled shows etc., which would, in fact, have a negative impact on your career.

By Patrick Hill on March 24, 2018.