In today’s digital world, music industry networking is the key to long-term success for solo artists, bands, and independent labels.


With the right plan and approach, networking and building contacts in the music industry can be highly rewarding and exciting as well. Read on to find a few networking tips ever musician aspiring to succeed must know.

Expert networking tips for musicians:

  • What you must be doing

Meet the right people at the right time. Get in touch with people who can help you grow. Do this by attending events, visiting local gigs and signing up for music societies.

  • Use the social media

The easiest way to network is to make the best use of the social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. When you engage with the online, you become familiar. Like their tweets or participate in dialogues, but never spam them.

  • Take part in music events

Participate in music events which will help you come across a lot of potential new contacts. A local showcase event or a local band meet-up can be a great place to start your networking campaign and develop a lot of contacts.

  • Always carry your information on hand

When some potential contact asks for your details, it is important that you stay ready for your business card or information booklets to prove them that you are a hardcore professional.

  • Always go with a plan

While visiting a networking event, always stay prepared for what you will be doing there like who to meet and what to do when you are there.

  • Hard selling is a game spoiler

Nothing else can work worse than trying to sell yourself or your brand hard when it comes to networking. You are there only to build relationships with new contacts and never to thrust your products on them. Be smart and subtle until you find some contacts that will respond to your emails and calls. Be honest and be giving before you ask for favors. Remember that your manners matter a lot in networking.

By Patrick Hill on March 20, 2018.