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Disctopia is not an aggregator. We operate on a non-exclusive basis and only aim to complement and enhance our creators' existing digital independent business. Our goal is to improve the value of our creative user's content, giving them a platform to distribute their content to their fans, followers, and subscribers. By acting non-exclusively, we offer independent artists, podcasters, labels, and distributors the flexibility to make decisions that bring the highest value to their careers.

Founded in 2016, Disctpia aims to become the global digital platform for the world's independent label sector. Our platform adds genuine value to the global digital marketplace by ensuring that independents have a vehicle to enhance their ability to compete in the ever-changing world of digital media.

To date, Disctopia has gathered some of the best indie artists and creators either through licensed curation or direct submission - all on a leading new-generation digital service - helping to ensure that independent art is appropriately represented and valued in the digital market.

For digital services, Disctopia offers real efficiencies: allowing the opportunity to globally distribute without the hassle of middlemen - via a single platform, instead of sending your content to hundreds of overcrowded exclusive streaming platforms – the most critical attribute for indie creators is to stand out in a crowd of the noise.

Disctopia is 100% transparent with our users regarding terms. We pay the highest per stream, and never take a commission from direct purchases (downloaded copies or merch) or streams. These direct-purchases downloads can stack up if you allow artists to be truly free. Disctopia also allows collaboration pay, meaning you can automatically split payments between band members, producers, writers, and even managers.

Disctopia is headquartered in Charlotte, NC.

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Everybody is an artist. Creative content organically sourced from true indie creatives who believe in themselves. Fans and subscribers can download podcasts, songs, follow you, like your music, and buy merch directly from the source. Whether you are a content creator or independent artist Disctopia is where you want to be!

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