Selling Indie music is never easy, yet we can’t say that the independent artists have no chance of survival whatsoever.




Nige Hood Preforming in Atlanta, Georgia

The path is steep, but specific strategies can help you win the right type of audience. Further, in the present digital age, there is always a chance of getting viral, which could prove to be a significant shot in the arm for your career. Here are five simple ways which, if completed correctly, could help you sell your indie music.

1. Social media is an excellent tool for independent artists looking to get an audience and sell their stock music. Almost all independent musicians depend heavily on social media, because it goes beyond geographical boundaries, and can reach the audience which is not possible through traditional methods like live gigs and performances. Using the social media channels correctly is the key.

2. Your website plays a crucial role in gaining your popularity. Don’t make it flashy and gaudy. The web design trends have changed a lot — it is always good to go for a web design that is suitable both for humans and search engines like Google. Maintaining a blog could also help you in content marketing through your website.

3. Reach out to authority music blogs and reviewers who would act as influencers for you — if you could get them write about your music, it would prove to be a significant marketing achievement for you.

4. Always be ready to collaborate with other musicians and artists — don’t limit your art in any way. The Internet is abuzz with creative experimentation — music, poetry, dance, drawing, theatre, and even yoga have come together to make it unique for the audience who has an insatiable palate for new art.

5. Never underestimate the performance of small gigs, house concerts or performances at small gatherings. It helps you in gaining confidence; getting feedback about your music; getting to know how to cater to different moods of the audience, and at the same time, helps in building a dedicated audience of your music. Do not forget to share your contact details, web addresses, etc. after the performance to connect with the audience.

By Patrick Hill on December 11, 2017.