Being an independent artist and selling music has never been easier, though the competition also has increased manifolds. The advantages and the ease that the online media offers are beyond reproach. Here are some simple ways in which you can start selling music online.


1.Find your niche
You will notice that every music portal that lets listeners download music and also connect with artists is categorized based on slot and type of music. Almost every listener finds a particular (and sometimes multiple) genres that are most appealing, and they search for new music in that style only. Finding your niche is important.

2. Build your portfolio
Apart from being present on these online portals, work on building your portfolio by having a website, calendar, contact, and rich media updated for fans. An online presence is both good for fans and also for business collaborations.

3. Social media profiles
Many of the online music portals will allow you to link your social media profiles with your account, through which, fans could connect with you directly and get to know you personally, which is always a better scenario than people not knowing you at all.

4. Be active
Internet and the online world are all about time and quickness — do not be late in doing things that you should have done earlier. Be smart and proactive in approaching the fans and keep all your online presence profiles updated. If you don’t want to spend time on a particular profile, just remove it. Don’t leave it unattended. Nobody likes to have stale updates about an artist.

5. Be personal as much as you can
While dealing with fans, be personal and don’t throw promotional messages over and over again. Respect their time and attention, and you will have a more substantial number of people looking to connect with you, listen to your music, and even organize small live-gigs for you.

By Patrick Hill on January 22, 2018.