As creators of music, indie artists are playing a very powerful role in the society. Though music helps achieve many things in the world, artists must learn to view it as a business in order to survive in today’s world and climb up the ladder of success in their career. For keeping them afloat during their progress, the right way of managing finances is very crucial.

The topic of financial management is very important in case of indie musicians since being savvy with your finances can decide your success and failure. There are several components to music business like marketing, branding and public relations that you can handle with little or no money at all. For an independent musician, the best way to get the most out of your investment is to deploy the right kind of systems and processes for managing finances. Here are five effective financial management tips for indie musicians.

Organize yourself as a business

As an independent musician, you are naturally passionate about your art and accomplishments. Nevertheless, without a proper organization, you can never make your dreams come true. You must go by the understanding that you are after all a business trying to establish, earn and grow. When you stay organized, you can know the value of money that comes in and goes out.

Develop the habit of saving

Saving is necessarily an integral and the most important part of your business in music. Your savings can help you manage some new upcoming projects with ease and also enable meeting out emergencies. After all, you cannot starve yourself during some unfavorable times and seasons.

Know the supply chain

There is a typical kind of supply chain in every business that decides how products and services come into existence and found available for the consumers. The same applies to the entertainment industry too. In music, the supply chain begins when a concept gets transformed into an album. Eventually, it will move through the project execution and will culminate in the release of the music in a physical or digital form. You must break the process of supply chain into easily manageable stages.

Bootstrapping is necessary

An independent artist has to wear several hats and assume a lot of responsibilities. At times, you might also have to hold on to a job while you are trying to gain a foothold in the music industry. This will mean that you must learn to bootstrap the way to success by spending minimum resources.

Do not overlook budgeting

Budgeting is the key to map out your expenses and keep a proper track of your finances. For a successful budgeting, you need to be disciplined and act in a responsible way. Budgeting can help you approach the upcoming projects realistically. It will help you estimate how much you will need to create an album or go on a tour. Know that staying within your means is critical to survival and success and in this regard, budgeting can support you thoroughly.


By Patrick Hill on July 5, 2018.